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Invisalign® Fundamentals Training Courses

The Invisalign Fundamentals course is designed to prepare dentists to use the full Invisalign System, providing flexibility in the treatment of a range of case types, even complex cases. Note that attending a pre-course online webinar and completing online modules are prerequisites for the Invisalign Fundamentals training.

Invisalign Fundamentals course dates are shown in the table below. Face-to-face courses for Australia will be held at the Align Education - Sydney Training Centre, and for New Zealand will be held in Auckland. Online courses are as marked.

Note: The Fundamentals course is best suited if you have existing teeth straightening experience, knowledge of biomechanics terminology and confidence in orthodontic treatment planning. If you don’t have this, our Invisalign Go™ training course is likely to be a better fit. You can view the Invisalign Go training course dates here. If you are interested in attending a training course and would like to find out more information including training course fees, please register your interest below.

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Invisalign Training Course Dates

LocationPre-Training Course Webinar
6:00pm - 9:30pm
Training Course Day 1
10:00am - 5:00pm
Training Course Day 2
9:00am - 4:00pm
online AEDTTues Oct 3 2023Thurs 16 Nov 2023Fri Nov 17 2023Dr Peter Wroth
SydneyMon 15 Jan 2024Thurs 15 Feb 2024Fri 16 Feb 2024Dr Peter Wroth
SydneyMon 8 April 2024Mon 6 May 2024Tues 7 May 2024Dr Rohit Chaturvedi
MelbourneMon 8 April 2024Thurs 6 June 2024Fri 7 June 2024Dr Jack Milgate
Online AESTMon 20 May 2024Thurs 18 July 2024Fri 19 July 2024Dr Jason Ng
Online AESTMon 8 July 2024Thurs 15 Aug 2024Fri 16 Aug 2024TBC
SydneyMon 8 July 2024Wed 4 Sep 2024Thurs 5 Sep 2024Dr Peter Wroth
SydneyMon 2 Sept 2024Mon 14 Oct 2024Tues 15 Oct 2024Dr Jason Ng
Online AEDTMon 2 Sept 2024Thurs 7 Nov 2024Fri 8 Nov 2024TBC
Future course locations and dates TBC.

All training course registrations will be assessed for Invisalign Fundamentals/Invisalign Go Fundamentals suitability. The final decision is at the sole discretion of Invisalign.

Align Technology reserves the right to modify dates and/or times or cancel a training course and/or event if required. Places are limited and are given on a “first come/first served” basis. You undertake that you will make all necessary disclosures in respect of your attendance at the training course and/or event to any relevant Professional Associations and you consent to us reporting your attendance at the training course and/or event where we are required to do so under law or to comply with industry codes of conduct. There is no requirement on any healthcare professional to purchase or endorse any product in consideration for attending a training course and/or event. By attending any training course and/or event, you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Speakers are paid fees by Align Technology for their involvement in training courses and/or events. Their opinions, however, are their own. Any information or advice provided must not be used as a substitute for the independent judgment of a doctor for any given issue.