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Jade's Pre-Expedition Appointment

See how Jade prepared for her South Pole expedition.

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Jade's Life On The Ice

See what a normal day looks like for Jade on-expedition.

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Jade's Focus To Achieve Her Goals

Hear how Jade stayed motivated during her three-year Polar Hat Trick journey.

Jade Hameister, Polar Explorer

At only 16 years old, Jade has successfully completed the Polar Hat Trick, which consists of skiing to the North Pole, crossing Greenland and skiing to the South Pole. As the youngest member of the first all-Australian team to set a new, previously uncharted route from the coast to the South Pole, Jade has broken several world records during her latest trek, including becoming the youngest person in history to ski both poles and complete the Polar Hat Trick.

This expedition saw her cover almost 600km across 37 days, carrying with her a sled that weighed around 100kg at the start of the trek and battling through temperatures falling to -50 degrees Celsius with windchill.

Such a long journey in these extremely cold and windy conditions meant braces were not an option for Jade. To avoid metal in her mouth during her freezing polar journeys, Invisalign treatment was the clear teeth straightening solution. Having easily removable Invisalign clear aligners also meant she was able to focus on achieving her goals with minimal interruptions to her demanding routine.

For Jade, her expeditions were not only personal goals, but an opportunity to share her journey with the rest of the world and empower young people everywhere to choose bravery over perfection.

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