Crooked teeth and how to fix crooked teeth

Crooked teeth problems are among the most common reasons people seek Invisalign treatment.

Whether you want to straighten one crooked tooth or address a misaligned bite, we look at how to fix crooked teeth so you can move forward in life with a healthy, confident smile.


What are crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth are teeth that incorrectly fit into a patient's dental arch and may appear rotated, twisted or out of place anywhere in the mouth. Some patients have one crooked front tooth, while others have extremely crooked teeth top and bottom. Crooked teeth are often associated with a malocclusion which is a misalignment between the upper and lower bite. Common malocclusions include teeth crowding, overbites, underbites and crossbites.


Crooked teeth causes and symptoms

What causes crooked teeth in children?

  • Hereditary factors – genetics largely influence the formation of our jaw and bite and are the most common cause of malocclusions, leading to crooked teeth.
  • Baby tooth loss – baby teeth are the 'stand ins' for adult teeth. Accidental loss before time may result in the incorrect development of adult teeth if the space from the lost tooth is not maintained adequately.
  • Childhood habits – thumb sucking after adult teeth come through, and use of a dummy beyond the age of three may cause crooked teeth.
  • Other habits, such as tongue thrusting, chronic mouth breathing and reverse swallowing, may interfere with jaw development and can contribute to crooked teeth.

What causes crooked teeth in adults?

  • Aging – our teeth and bite change as we age, just like the rest of our body. You may find your bottom lower teeth become crooked, which can cause changes in your top teeth, too.
  • Problems with fillings or crowns – if your dental restorations no longer fit, your teeth may shift, causing twisted teeth.
  • Periodontal disease – gum disease may affect the bone that supports your teeth. If this happens, patients may see misalignment occur and sometimes eventually tooth loss.

Crooked teeth symptoms and complications

More than simply a cosmetic issue, people with crooked teeth may experience an array of symptoms and complications that affect their oral and general health. Check out these six health problems that can be caused by crooked teeth:

  • Gum disease

    Crooked teeth can result in deep pockets in the gums, which allow bacteria to creep in.

  • Self esteem

    For some, twisted teeth can cause self esteem or social issues, reducing confidence in their smile.

  • Daily teeth cleaning

    People with crooked teeth can find it harder to floss and brush between their teeth, increasing the risk of bad breath and gingivitis.

  • Chewing difficulties

    Crooked teeth as a result of a misaligned bite may make chewing uncomfortable.

  • Teeth wear and tear

    Tooth decay and breakage are symptoms where the misaligned bite erodes the teeth enamel.

  • Healthy mouth, healthy body

    Research has shown that those with gum disease have an increased risk of other health issues, particularly when combined with other risk factors such as smoking or a poor diet.

How to fix crooked teeth

The best way to fix crooked teeth is to start by finding a qualified doctor who can recommend the right treatment process for you. Available treatment methods may depend on the underlying cause of your crooked teeth as well as your age, lifestyle and the treatment cost versus your budget.


Available crooked teeth treatment methods

Traditional braces vs the Invisalign system

Some cases require expert treatment to correct the misaligned jaw or bite causing the crooked teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are a popular choice, offering many advantages vs traditional metal braces.

Can bonding fix crooked teeth?

Bonding (using tooth-coloured resin) could be a suitable treatment if your problem is a minor one. However, it's generally not as strong or long-lasting as other treatments to fix crooked teeth.

Veneers for crooked teeth

Using tooth-coloured porcelain veneers or crowns to fix crooked teeth are options if you have slightly twisted teeth. They're not always suitable if your teeth are extremely crooked or your bite needs correction.

Removable plates to fix crooked teeth

Removable plates provide limited crooked teeth correction capabilities for children with baby teeth. Once adult teeth erupt, the child is likely to need additional crooked teeth repair with a treatment such as Invisalign clear aligners.


How to fix crooked teeth without braces

Are you researching how to fix crooked teeth at home? Unfortunately, there are no effective natural or home remedies to correct crooked teeth, and they don't straighten on their own. However, as millions of satisfied smiles around the world affirm, Invisalign clear aligners can be one of the best ways to straighten crooked teeth without braces.


Can Invisalign treatment fix crooked teeth?

Whether you need Invisalign treatment for one crooked tooth or to correct your bite, our unique treatment process can be a highly effective method for crooked teeth repair. As well as being virtually invisible, Invisalign clear aligners could also provide additional treatment, health and lifestyle benefits, including:

  • an indication of your treatment length using your individually-mapped crooked teeth digital treatment plan
  • a similar crooked teeth treatment cost to braces at some practices
  • no restrictions on eating or drinking thanks to the removable aligners
  • freedom to remove your aligners to brush and floss for better oral health
  • the crooked teeth repair results you want with less pain than traditional braces
  • fewer doctor visits compared to braces.

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